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2017 Strategic Initiatives

1.) Economic Vitality

2.) Thriving Communities

3.) Individual Health & Wellbeing

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Mission Statement

The Athens County Foundation invests in local strategies to empower Athens County residents and build on the strengths of our region now and for generations to come.

Vision Statement

The Athens County Foundation is committed to a healthy, inclusive community where there are opportunities for all people and everyone is engaged.


The Athens County Foundation believes that a healthy, inclusive community is one that preserves and expands on those things that are working well and:

  • values local input
  • solicits diverse perspectives
  • inspires cooperation and collaboration
  • stewards valued resources
  • encourages self-assessment and continuous learning
  • promotes shared values of trust, respect, honesty, and openness
  • recognizes the inter-relatedness of community development and economic development.

Guiding Principles

1. Serve the public good.

2. Recognize and fulfill all fiduciary and legal responsibilities, and abide by state and federal laws that govern nonprofit and grant making organizations.

3. Adhere to the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior.

4. Engage and promote existing and new initiatives that advance Athens, and the region

5. Operate with an active governing body that is responsible for establishing and implementing policies and procedures, and for reviewing and revising them on a regular basis.

6.  Follow policies and procedures that support clear, diverse, purposeful, and informed grant-making.

7.   Be accessible and open, and make available basic information about grant making priorities, programs, funding guidelines, application requirements, and grant monitoring/reporting procedures

8. Maintain constructive relationships with applicants, grantees, donors, colleagues, and the public based on mutual respect and candor.

9.  Support continuous learning and engagement by members of the governing body, staff, and grantees.

10. Demonstrate measurable, positive outcomes and results in all the work of the foundation and work with our regional partners.


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