We provide funding and create connections between community-minded nonprofits and the resources they need. Together, we’re a community catalyst for positive change.

The Athens County Foundation manages 40 different grant funds for families and businesses throughout Athens County as well as a large unrestricted fund. Operating for over 35 years, the Foundation has grown to an asset size of $6.5 million and about $3 million in total grant making.  For the entire year of 2018, the Athens County Foundation will be investing in projects that:


Build upon Economic Vitality – Build on our regional strengths, create a vibrant community where people want to live and work, and support an educated community

Support Thriving Communities – Become more livable, more self-sustainable, and create spaces for diverse voices to come together

Focus on Individual Health and Wellbeing – sustainable solutions for individuals and families to become secure- such as food security, mental and physical health initiatives, and safety and advocacy efforts

That could include, but is not limited to:

  • Increasing access to prescriptions for people who do not have Medicaid or private insurance or means.
  • Increasing access to information and programs that seek to combat addictions
  • Assist families in preparing children to enter P,K or 1s grade through better access to food, clothing, reading and health.
  • Increase broadband breadth and connectivity in Athens County
  • Nurture startups in Athens County that align with our Mission Related Investments
  • Create a shared vision and increased opportunity for economic development in Athens County
  • Nurture projects and startups that result from expanded medical services, arts and recreational opportunities in Nelsonville OH
  • Plan for more availability of housing suitable for all populations, with a focus on Senior Housing.
  • Increase access to transportation
  • Position recreation and the natural environment as a valued resource, economic driver and tourist destination in Athens County.

Organizations that meet one or more of these targets will be invited to submit a request for support. There is no hard deadline for this process.

Fall Grant cycle

This Fall, we will consider grant applications that impact the following Fields of Interest: improve quality of life for seniors, serve people with disabilities, provide support for women and/or children, build education success for children, and projects that reduce carbon footprint.  Again the deadline for applying for those funds is October 15th.

To be considered for a grant, all applicants must be the requirements detailed in our Grant Guidelines.

Field of Interest Funds

Women’s Fund | To promote philanthropy among women and to establish a permanent fund which will provide funding to programs and projects in Athens County which empower women to achieve their full potential.

Children Conservation League | Spring grant cycle onlyThe Intermediate Circle of the Child Conservation League is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children in our community.  Since 1970, CCL has donated over $270,000 to children’s charities in Athens County and continues to host the annual Starlight Ball.

Senior’s Fund | Fall grant cycle only | aims to provide funding to support organizations and programs in Athens County that work to improve the lives of seniors.

Beale Fund | In memory of a local environmentalist and inventor, this small grant fund provides matching support to local projects with direct impact on the reduction of the use of fossil fuels.

For more information concerning our grant process, please visit our Grant Guidelines.