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Please see our Grant Application Eligibility Screening Questions here.


Q: I work for a local non-profit, and I have a project in mind to be considered for Athens Foundation funding. Can I schedule a meeting with you?

A: Absolutely! We are happy to meet in person to see if your program/project is a good fit for our Grant Program.


Q: Do you only fund projects and organizations that are housed in Athens County?

A: Our main focus is improving the lives of people who live in Athens County. However, there are organizations considered for grants that affect or give services to the citizens of Athens County that are located in contiguous counties.


Q: My organization is applying to the Athens County Foundation for the first time. How is my grant going to be evaluated?

A:  The Grants Committee uses Grant Evaluation Criteria, and you can download that form AF Grant Evaluation Criteria (v2017). It is based on our core mission and values which you can find here: about us.


Q: Can we submit more than one grant?

A: Yes, each application is evaluated on its own merit.


Q: Do you fund individuals in need?

A: Our grants are made to organizations, churches, and governments.


Q. We don’t make any money, are we considered a nonprofit?

A: No, nonprofit is an IRS granted status to organizations: 501(c)(3)


Q. What if I have a project to propose outside of your grant cycle?

A. You are always welcome to contact us. Generally, we don’t fund outside of our biannual cycle.