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The Athens County Foundation supports local nonprofit organizations that provide services to communities in Athens County. Our grant priorities support a wide range of initiatives.

  • Build upon Economic Vitality – Build on our regional strengths, create a vibrant community where people want to live and work, and support an educated community
  • Support Thriving Communities – Become more livable, more self-sustainable, and create spaces for diverse voices to come together
  • Focus on Individual Health and Wellbeing – sustainable solutions for individuals and families to become secure- such as food security, mental and physical health initiatives, and safety and advocacy efforts

Our average grant amount is in the $3,000 to $8,000 range.

We consider grant applications twice a year.  Electronic applications will accepted as well as hand delivery.  Applications should be POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN March 15th or September 15th.  PLEASE BE AWARE: You will need to have the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to save the content on your PDF form. Otherwise, you will not be able to submit your application (PDF) with content.

Grant Application (available after July 31st)

A committee reviews all proposals within one month after each deadline. Applicants are notified of final decisions typically with 45 days after deadlines. Feel free to phone or email your questions about our process and general inquiries to Jesse Stock at the Foundation office. 740-594-6061 or via email at

If your organization received a grant last year, please file your grant completion report before reapplying for continued support.

Like many donors, we receive many more requests than we can fund. As a result, grants will not be considered for the following purposes:

  • individuals
  • endowments
  • budget deficits
  • scholarships
  • religious purposes
  • political or legislative action groups
  • annual fundraising drives

Grant Application Checklist

Your grant proposal must contain the following information

  1. A grant application
  2. Detailed budget for your entire grant. (Use Grant Budget Form)
  3. List of grants including name of funder and amount awarded during your organization’s most recently completed fiscal year.
  4. Year End Statement of Income and Expense for your organization’s most recently completed fiscal/calendar year. Organizations greater than $2 million are exempt from this section.
  5. Current year’s budget

Required non‐financial attachments

  1. IRS letter of determination 501©(3) if not funded in the last three years by the Foundation.
  2. List of key staff members
  3. List of board members
  4. Letters of commitment from collaborating organizations or fiscal agent, if appropriate.
  5. Letters of support
  6. All capital purchases over $2,500 require the submission of at least two (2) estimates.