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Will Your Organization Be Eligible For a Grant?

Before filling out the Grant Application Form, please consider your organization’s eligibility for receiving a grant by asking yourself the questions below:

1. Are you a 501 (c)(3), government or church or working one of these type organizations as a fiscal agent?

2. Does your project comply with the Athens County Foundation’s mission, which is to “invest in local strategies to empower Athens County residents and build on the strengths of our region now and for generations to come”?

3. Does your project address a need or opportunity in the Athens County community?

4. Are you requesting seed money for a new, innovative program?

5. Will your organization’s use of the grant money to demonstrate the organization’s ability to leverage additional funds?

If you answered “yes” to questions 1 – 5, it is likely that your project will be considered for a grant. The Athens County Foundation gives priority to projects that meet these general needs, but please consider the next questions before continuing to the Grant Application Form.

6. Will your grant money benefit an individual’s needs, rather than the needs of groups that affect the community as a whole?

7. Are you requesting a grant to be used for an endowment?

8. Are you requesting grant money to make up for a budget deficit?

9. Will your grant be used to fund a scholarship?

10. Will your grant money serve a religious purpose?

11. Will your grant serve political or legislative action groups?

12. Are you requesting funds to contribute to an annual fundraising drive?

If you answered “yes” to questions 6 – 12, it is likely that your project will not be considered for a grant. The Athens County Foundation is a community organization, created and supported by the citizens of Athens, and carefully chooses to reward grants that will benefit the greater good.