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Athens Foundation, Inc
Disclosure Statement

February 4, 2015

Foundation Staff
Susan Urano, Executive Director
Liz Pahl, Program Director
Cindy Strausbaugh, Finance Manager

Foundation Board of Directors
Committee designations are indicated in parentheses; committee chairperson in italics
Governance Committee (GV), Finance (F), Development (D), Grants (GR)

  • Michael Carpenter (D), President
  • Tom Davis (G), Vice President
  • Ann Fox (GR)
  • Peter Galbraith (GR)
  • John Haseley (D)
  • Wendy Jakmas (GR)
  • Tom Kostohryz (GR)
  • Jim McDonald (F)
  • Judy Millesen, (GV. D)
  • Tom Kostohryz (GR)
  • Kerry Pigman (G), Secretary
  • Scott Robe (G,F), Treasurer
  • Wendy Weiser (D, GR)
  • Paul Wiehl (GR)

The following non-board members also give generously of their time to serve on committees: Candy Kemmerer, (F)

Professional Accounting and Audit: Gerlach and Associates, Columbus, OH
Investment Adviser: Edward Jones

Administrative Fees: The Foundation charges and administrative fee, approved by the Board of 1.5% for funds (of 12 quarter rolling average value of the fund ending 9/30 of the previous year.) Assets over 500,000 are charged at a 1% rate.

Investment Fees: The funds of the Foundation share proportionately, based on market value, in Investment fees.