How to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Please consider helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey by donating to the American Red Cross at

The Red Cross continues to respond significantly to Hurricane Harvey and the priority of support is financial donations which allow us to provide the shelters, food, safety, volunteers and immediate support to those impacted.

The Ohio Buckeye Region has deployed 41 volunteers, including the CEO, Mary Lynn Foster, who went yesterday (8/30). Four people from the Athens/Nelsonville area went in the early stages.

Latest update on Red Cross assistance:
More than 140 shelters including several megas shelters; trying to consolidate.
Shelter pop: 32,134
Meals served: 80k last night, more than 5 million expected to be served .
2,200 volunteers/workers assigned, 1,400 on the ground.
Arkema’s North America peroxide chemical plant and neighboring town have been evacuated within a 1½ mile radius as the plant has no way of preventing a fire or explosion due to the chemicals exposure to flood water. Explosions being reported in the news this morning.
LA; Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for an estimated 6, 900 people and an additional 133,000 are under voluntary evacuation orders
Beaumont, Texas to lose its water supply
Food and supplies are being airlifted into some locations.
The Marines have landed; Amtraks (amphibious personnel carriers) doing water rescue
Fly Navy; Dusty Dogs on scene to conduct SAR.

Crossroads (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia)
– 100% of all ERVs are committed to the operation. 31 ERVs have been or are deploying in the next 48 hours.
– Crossroads has provided almost 11% of the workforce.
– Training is ongoing for the next waves.