Art of Hosting

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Art of Hosting uses methodologies that allow people to self-organize and harness collective wisdom, ranging from World Cafés to Open Space Technology.

In just a few years, Art of Hosting has evolved from a handful of meeting facilitators to thousands of practitioners who are helping corporate and civic leaders worldwide set the stage for honest and meaningful dialogue.

The following practices can radically shift the quality of any conversation, whether with one person, in a small circle or with hundreds of people. These skill need to be practiced regularly to become natural in any context; Practice them and invite others to practice them with you!

  • Focus on what matters. We have no time to waste on what doesn’t.
  • Suspend judgments, assumptions, and certainties. No one knows it all and it is not about knowing who is right or wrong, It is about exploring together and surfacing what we do not know or see yet.
  • Speak one at a time. Invite others to speak with intention.
  • Listen to each other carefully. Invite others to listen with attention.
  • Listen together for insights and deeper questions. Do not remain at the surface of what you already know. Engage fully with others into bringing what we do not know yet to the surface.
  • Link and connect ideas. This is how you can learn, surface what you do not know yet and innovate.
  • Slow down. We are so often caught in a hectic flow of actions slowing down helps to foster more reflection.
  • Be aware of your impact on the group. Do not monopolize the speaking time. Make sure everybody can be heard.
  • Focus on what is in the middle, rather than what is in your mind.
  • Accept that divergent opinions are okay. We do not need to reach a consensus on what we are discussing. Innovation comes from putting different perspectives together.
  • Contribute with your minds and heart. Bring your full self into the room. Allow yourself to be both a professional and a human being.
  • Play, doodle, and draw. Use a large sheet in the middle of your group as a space to capture the results of your collective reflection.
  • Have fun! What if enjoying ourselves was the key to improving our learning and performance.

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