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Study Group for Leadership Athens County alumni

LAC is happy to announce a new Leadership Study Group program. This exciting new offering is designed to help alumni continue the process of personal and professional growth fostered by the initial LAC experience.

Here are some basic details:

1 group meeting per month (90 minutes)

September 2016 – May 2017

The $100 fee is to cover the costs of the program, including all materials

If you’re interested, please register with Jesse Stock, Program Director (jesse@athensfoundation.org) as space is limited.

Program Group Descriptions

Expect flexibility! Each host aims to establish an open and welcoming environment where participants will help direct the focus and topics of the sessions, and where participants may even be asked to facilitate a session to share their knowledge.

Leading through Change / Carol Kuhre

MARGARET WHEATLEY in Leadership and the New Sciences says:  I’ve come to appreciate that real change happens in personal behaviors, or at larger scale in entire organizations, only when we take time to discover this sense of what’s worthy of our shared attention.

It is my hope that our small conversation group will be a safe place to discover and share what is worthy of attention in each of our lives. Through whatever media suits us we will learn about and experiment with techniques that help us to move inward toward greater self-awareness and outward toward comfortable self-expression. Keep in mind that coming together in free space and time needs to nourish us —- so let’s have a light touch with one another.

Collaborative Leadership / Bob Garbo

Let’s spend some time together looking at why and how you can build effective leadership and drive solutions. We’ll talk about collaborative leadership in a way that each of us can learn from each other about what it is and why it works, what qualities we need to do it and how we can apply it to our current situation in our professional and personal lives.

We may use written articles, books, YouTube videos or any other “idea seeds” to spark discussion and learning. Each of you will bring extensive wisdom and experience to the group in an educational and fun way. I look forward to creating these sessions with you around this topic.

Women in Leadership / Susan Urano & Libby Villavicencio

“We stand stronger together.” #stateofwomen

–FLOTUS Michelle Obama

As leaders, women bring a wide palette of approaches to leadership in their community, business and organization.  This small group setting will allow you to explore your unique strengths and abilities.  You will also help each other reflect on life and /or professional goals and craft a strategy to achieve your goals.

In this confidential environment, we will have the opportunity to discuss challenges we face, and learn from one another’s experiences. Should we do a book study? Should we meet monthly for wine and casual conversation? Should we focus on one issue or tackle them all? Add your voice to the conversation.