Women’s Fund


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The mission of the Women’s Fund of The Athens County Foundation is to promote philanthropy among women and to establish a permanent fund which will provide funding to programs and projects in Athens County which empower women to achieve their full potential.

Approximately one out of five women in Athens County are living at or below the poverty level. The Athens County Foundation has set out to help these struggling women reach new heights by establishing the Women’s Fund. Through the fund, The Athens County Foundation also wants to provide an opportunity for women in the community to give back. The Foundation is encouraging women who have received support in attaining their goals to pass this blessing on to others who are in desperate need of motivation.

Women’s Funds are the fastest growing branch of charity in the country, and women are jumping at the chance to help fellow females prosper through generous donations. Women in Athens County originally pledged over $120,000 in an effort to get the ball rolling.

The fund has grown and will soon reach its goal of accumulating $250,000 in total contributions, which will make it possible for $10,000 in grants to be awarded annually. Now it’s time to take our giving to the next level. Members of the Athens County Foundation have high hopes in the citizens to give their unfaltering support to their fellow Athenians.

Proceeds accumulated through the Women’s Fund will be distributed through grants to programs in Athens County promoting intellectual, physical, emotion, social, economic and cultural growth for women of all ages. These programs will give local women the chance to get out and make a name for themselves. The moral support of the community coupled with the financial generosity of it’s citizens will provide endless possibilities for the women in Athens County.

Donations and Pledges are being accepted. Grants are available through the fund annually.